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Nurse Reminders

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Welcome to HENDERSON MIDDLE SCHOOL! We hope it will be a great year for you and your child. Just a few reminders from the nurse's office....

*The State of Texas requires that every child receive certain vaccinations before entry into public school. All incoming 7th Graders must have updated immunizations before school begins. Please make sure that you have taken care of this with your doctor before your child starts school. If your child does not have adequate immunizations, he/she may not start school until this is completed. 
Please contact me if you have any questions about the requirements.

*If your child needs to take any prescription medicine at school, you must fill out a medicine authorization form for me to administer the medicine. This form has to be completed every school year. If this is a medicine that needs to start the first day of school, you must have everything signed and ready to go before the first day. If you would like to bring in over-the-counter medication, I will store them during the school year and administer as needed. You still must fill out a medical authorization form so that I can administer the medication. We cannot give ANY medications without the permission slip. This form is available in the office as well as on the "useful links" page to the right.

*Don't forget that all medicine needs to be picked up at the end of MAY or they will have to be discarded prior to summer break.

*A fever is 100.0F or above. Your child should not come to school with any temperature of 100.0F or over or vomiting within the last 24 hours. Please do not give your child fever reducing medication and send them to school.

*I am at school from 07:30 AM to 3:30 PM daily with lunch from 1:00-1:30 PM. Please stop by or call or call if you need anything. The health of your children is my top priority! Go HAWKS