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Welcome Back!
I hope you had a wonderful summer break.
Here are the answers to all your tests
ART I II III Elements and Principles USE 2017.doc

Here are your projects
Each class may work on different projects.  I will give you a project and you get to decide what you want to make.  

ART TEKS SCOPE SEQ 9 WEEKS Syllabus-Vosburgh 2018 2019.doc aka lessons



 Art Supplies

2-Paper Towel Rolls

1-50ct or more Baby Wipes

12-#2 Pencils

2-Pink Erasers

1-12 inch Ruler

1-Roll Masking Tape


1-Box Fine Tip Markers

1-Box Crayons

1-Large Bottle of Glue

2-Small Glue Sticks

1-ream of Bright white typing paper

Each table will have an assigned supply box.  Individual supply boxes are not necessary and there is not room.  You can purchase a small supply box but you must take it with you after class.  

Other supplies will be needed during the year.  I will post supplies here on our HMS Art Page as the supplies are needed.  I will also send an Art Assignment Form home at the beginning of each assignment.  

They will receive a daily grade from returning the form and supplies.  
Each student is graded on their growth and participation-Not their ability. This is a classroom not an art contest.  
However, students are allowed and
encouraged (not required) to participate in the YMBL art contest.  We will showcase all artwork at HMS and the top 4 art pieces will be compete in the YMBL with other junior high students. 

Students are giving instructions, history and examples for each assignment.  Students are allowed to choose what they want to produce using the required medium as well as the elements of art and the principles of design.  They will fill out their assignment form and bring the form home.  Please go over the assignment and help them gather supplies.  Sign the form and return it with the supplies.  
I do have some supplies but they may not be exactly what you want or need.  

Here are a few projects they will be working on: Paper Mache’, Stop Motion Animation, Holiday Crafts, Textiles (crochet, hook rugs, rain sticks, no sew blankets), Origami, Scratch Art, Print Making, Water Colors, Pointillism,  Paper Mosaic Tiles and so much more.  

 I have recreated a google classroom for each class.  I will invite the students to join the classroom. They will invite their parents/
guardians to join the class so that they can view the assignments.

Classroom Rules
#1 Be Kind To Others.  
Do not talk while someone is presenting a project.  You will be presenting your artwork soon and you would not want anyone interrupting.
Do not talk while I am giving instructions or presenting a assignment.  You may miss out on some information you will need.
Do not talk during Focus Time.  Focus Time 15 minutes.  Use that time to create, research and develop your ideas.  Do not interrupt the class or bother your neighbor

YMBL Art 2017 Contestants
(Top left to right
Christian Morantes, Weston Brooks, Maya Hunter, Claire McIntosh, Seth Miller,  Darreon Barrow and Cordelia Acklin 

UIL ArtSmart

Starry Night
Crayon/Stratch Art