Dance and Drill Team

Mandatory fundraiser June 2nd.  Your officer/leaders should have called or emailed you by now.  If they have not, please email me.
If you cannot be at the Links-N-Drinks fundraiser you must get your items to one of the officers or leaders and contact me.
2017-2018 members MUST  turn in ALL the supplies borrowed...poms, gauntltets, overlays, costumes, tops...BY THURSDAY.   I will give you poms for the pep rally then collect them afterwards.  
Pep Rally: you will wear your red top and navy shorts-tryout stuff.  We will talk about hair on Thursday.
Please be at practice on Thursday!  
Please re-read the TexAnns' Constitution.  Lots of useful information there.  Here is one...If you are not at practice on Tuesday, you do not dance at the next performance.  It is so hard to do formations when members are missing.  And we could make changes and you would miss it.  If you have an emergency and  cannot make practice you must email or call me.  

Email me! <<<click on this link
Bookmark this website!

Lots of love from everyone from HMS!  Thank you for the wonderful breakfast treats.  If you brought items for the teachers appreciation breakfast, would you please let your social officer know so you can receive merits.
Thank you! 
Also no practice next week-STAAR testing!  We will meet the following week.  Old members Tue and Thur.  New members only on Thursday.  Special treat coming your way on Thursday, May 24th 4-6PM

Are you getting my emails?  If not would you please email so I can add you add you to my contacts.  Email me! Also can I share your email addresses with the Boot Booster Officers and the Moms In Charge of the Links-N-Drinks? Email me if you do NOT want me to share.

2017 2018 member practice Tuesday and Thursday with Miss Julie.  New Team 2018 2019 team will try on costumes, belts and tops with Mrs. V in her art room.
I am sending home Pre-Sale Tickets to the Links-N-Drinks.  Collect $5 for each meal sold.  Write your name, location and a nice thank you on the back.  Offer to deliver the meals-IF you can.  That is a parent decision.  Bring your money to your Links-N-Drinks location along with your items and give them to the Mom In Charge. June 2 at 10AM-1PM Wear any red/white/blue HJ shirt.  Hair in ponytail.  Bows are good too. NO SHORT SHORTS!
Here is the schedule it also tells you your location and what you need to bring.
This is a mandatory fundraiser.  We use this money to make it through the year.
Links N Drinks Groups USE 2018 2019.pdf
Friday, May 11th is the Starlette Spring Show.  It is in the Lumberton HS Dome be there at 6PM dressed in your pom routine costume.  2018 2019 Team is not required to come but this is a great opportunity to see a wonderful performance.  And the TexAnns and Starlettes support one another.  Hope to see you there. 2 merits!
Please drop off your breakfast items in the office.  Please have your items there at 7:20.
Hey if you don't cook but want to bring gifts...hand sanitizer, facial tissues...All is appreciated.  Let's make Thursday the BEST for our HMS Teachers
Here is the breakdown of food:
Monday- Office Staff Breakfast/Cheerleaders Sweet & Salty
Tuesday-NJHS Finger FoodsWednesday-StuCo Potato Bar
Thursday-TexAnn Breakfast**************************2 merits
Friday-Chickfila PTO Lunch

Please use the HJ Physical Forms>>> Physical Form Due at boot camp.
2018-2019 TexAnns
Please register >>>CLICK HERE 
Sorry if you tried to register and it would not allow you to do so.  Try it now
Lets get together Tuesday and Thursday 4-6PM in the HMS café to pay some bills, measure you for your uniform and get to know each other a little better. 
We must order field uniforms by Friday!
On Thursday, May 3rd at 4PM, we will take your first group picture! 
Wear a white top and jeans or a white dress. We should be finished by 6PM
Friday, May 4th Initiation Banquet/Sleep 7PM SLE café
and sleep over 7PM-8AM Friday/Saturday

Join us as we welcome in the new and say farewell to our 8th graders

So proud of this team!
Officers and Leaders

Captain Claire LeBlanc
1st Lt Drew Boullion
2nd Lt Sofia Waybright
Line Guards
Kinlee Kahla
Clara Roberts
Skylar Revia
Social Officers
Brynn Wirth
Tori Roberts
Katie Stone
Line Members
Ashely Beavers
Kylee Boram
Emma  Broussard
Leah  Broussard
Kylie Cooper
Chloe Cramer
Karly Daigle
Bailey Dunwoody
Madison Jacobs
Mary Knowles
Kate Knupple
Kyndall Matak
Madison Mewbourn
Justice Phippen
Emma Sanderson
Katherine West
Marissa Williamson
Bailey Jo Radley
Katelyn Turner

April 23th-27th 2018 4-6PM Tryouts Clinic HMS GYM                                                           

April 27th 4PM Tryouts GYM Closed to the public

May 3rd 4-6PM HMS.  Group picture.  Wear a white shirt and jeans or anything white.  Dresses are ok

May 4th 7PM Initiation Banquet SLE.  Wear your Sunday best.  Sleep over to follow.  Pick up Sat. 8:59PM

May 11th 6PM Starlettes Spring Show Lumberton HS  2017-2018 members ONLY

June 2nd Links-N-Drinks at a location near you.  Do you know a business that needs lunch? 20 Pre-sale tickets

May 4th- Initiation Banquet 7PM HMS CAFE.  Sleep over afterwards in the GYM.  Pick-up Sat 8:59AM

May 25th? Last Pep Rally 2017-2018 members ONLY

June 12-16 Officer Camp in Kilgore Texas Money due after reveal.

Aug. 6th-11th Boot Camp 8AM-4PM.  We may be relocated to another GYM.  I will post on our website.

Football Season: Practice days Tuesday and Thursday 3:30-6PM in the GYM.  Bring water and a snack

Game Day Performances: 2 pep rally routines and 2-3 field routines per home game. The TexAnns will perform at all home games and at least 2 of away games.  The team will stay after school to practice.

Tryouts for each routine will be held on Tuesday of a game day.

We may take the bus and/or the parents will transport.  We will let you know after the football schedule is posted.

On game days Parents/Guardians are asked to make arrangements to have your child picked at 8PM

October 27th? Friday Boot Booster Pumpkin Patch

November 13th 6PM Boot Booster Meeting HMS Café. Parents must sign for your Winter Show Packets in the HMS Cafeteria.  Post Season Pizza Party after school cafeteria

Nov 3th ?Kilgore Half Time Extravaganza.  TexAnns will take the bus up on Friday, Nov 2nd.  Parents do not have to be there until Sat. before the game.

Nov 19-23 Thanksgiving Break           Tuesday practice only

December 14th?TBA Holiday Party, Ballet at the and Lunch at the food court at Parkdale Mall during school. The girls will exchange gifts $10 or less.  They will draw names.  We are also participating in the Angel Tree. Please make a Love Offering or wrap a gift for a girl

Dec 20th-Jan. 8th.Early release-Dec 20th Christmas Break Tuesday/Thursday Practice starts in January.

January Register for your hotel room for competition. Boot Booster will choose the hotel. Use our block code.

January 15th Videos for solos, duos, small groups are due on Flash Drive or CD

February 5th Competition Tryouts 3 solos, 3 duets 3 small ensembles Announced

February 7th Officer and Leader Packets go out!                                       

February 7th  Ads and money due 5PM-6PM Parents meet in the lobby of the g5m

February 9th Friday  7-9PM Host School Valentine Dance.  Decorate café on Fri until 6

Need Auditorium every Tuesday and Thursday of February from 4-6 PM for practice and on Friday, Feb. 22rd to decorate.

February 23th Winter Sh8w be there at 12 NOON Winter Show starts at 6PM Auditorium, Library and Home Ec Rm AC

February 27th and March 1,Gym Competition March 3rd

April 6th TBA Sea World Texas Competition There is a very high possibility the team will perform Friday night.  I am leaving on Fri.  We are exempt for school.

Tuesday Practice only after Competition until April 2nd

April 2rd- 18th New Member Rally and Boot Boosters register for Officer Camp!

April 2nd Officer/Leader Notebooks are due

April ? Starlette Spring Show 6PM

April 22-26th 4-6PM Dance Clinic for Tryouts Gym

April 26th 4PM  Tryouts Gym Closed to the public

May 11th New Team Links-N-Drinks

May 18th Initiation Banquet/Sleep 3-7 café  and sleep over in the gym 6PM-8AM Friday/Saturday

June TBA (around the 13th) Officer Camp Kilgore Texas here we come

Aug 5th-10th ?Boot Camp Monday-Saturday 8am-4PM & luau party Friday night gym