Mrs. Horn


 Mrs. Horn 

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Henderson Middle School

Mrs. Susan Horn
Special Education Department Head
6th /7th Grades English Language Arts 

Conference Time

If any time you should need to reach me, please feel free to call 981-6420. My conference time is 9:45-10:35.

Behavior Expectations

Be on time.
Be respectful.
Be responsible.

Bell Schedule

1st period  7:55-8:45 Special Education

2nd period 8:49-9:39 Special Education

3rd period 9:44-10:33 Conference

4th period 10:38-11:27 Special Education

5th period 12:02-12:32 Study Hall

6th period 12:37-1:26 Special Education

7th period 1:31-2:20 7th Grade ELAR

8th period 2:25-3:15 6th Grade ELAR

HMS ELAR Testing Policy

Daily Work:
In addition to the required AR reading, daily grades may be raised through taking Accelerated Reader quizzes.
The number of quizzes varies from teacher to teacher.

Major Grades:
Nine Weeks Tests, Benchmark and Projects are not subject to retesting options.
Up to 20% of major grades may be raised in the following ways:
Opportunities offered to earn additional points to add to the original test


Alternative assignment

Additional Information:
Teachers may require that students attend tutoring before the options are offered.
Teachers choose when and where options will be offered.
Teachers determine which options will be offered.

ELAR Policy
Accelerated Reader

AR requirements vary from grade to grade.  The goal is to encourage independent reading and help students become more sophisticated in their reading.  The requirements become more demanding with each grade level.

AR requirements also vary in the Pre-AP classes from grade to grade with the same goal as the academic classes.

Students understand that when they take an AR test, it is a measure of their reading.  They know that they are responsible for reading the book and taking the test in order to receive any credit. A student will receive no AR credit for the following:
-Taking a test over a book which they have not read
-Receiving any help answering questions on an AR test
-Giving another student any help answering questions on an AR test
-Receiving help by having another student log in for him/her and take an AR test 
-Giving another student help by logging in under his/her name and taking an AR test.

**Cheating on an AR test= 3 days in ISS and a zero for the AR assignment.