Adaptive Behavior Unit






 Welcome to the Henderson Middle School CARE Program.

  Teacher: Mrs. Davis

 Paraprofessional: Ms. Daigre

Welcome to the CARE program webpage. The CARE Program is designed to help struggling students achieve the coping skills necessary for success in the regular education environment.

The focus of our program is behavior management as well as academic progress. Our program is based on a "level system" in which students earn points toward levels based on his or her behavioral choices. The better the behavior, the more privileges the students enjoys. The student is exposed to everyday social challenges and given immediate feedback regarding appropriate behavior. The ultimate goal of our program is for the students to return to the regular education environment. Students receive grade level instruction as well as any necessary supplemental services.

All assignments and activities are designed to be done within the classroom and school day. Homework is only assigned when the student has made the choice to disregard the assignment.

Checking on assignments:  If you would like to check on what your child is doing academically, please contact me via email or phone (981-6420 x3417).  My conference times is 8:00-8:47 am. I will provide you with a list of teachers with whom we are working.  You will be able to visit these teacher's webpages.  We make every effort to stay current with the regular education classrooms.

Please click here for information regarding the level system: